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Ice Cream & Ting

Hibiscus Sorbet

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Our new Hibiscus sorbet is a sweet and refreshing vegan treat.

Our special edition. flavours are only available for two weeks. The last date to order this flavour is 15th July 2022. The next special flavour will be announced on 13th July 2022.
  • Hibiscus Sorbet (225ml)

    Ingredients (For allergens, see ingredients in bold):  Hibiscus, Sugar, Water, Stabiliser.   May contain traces of NUT.

Pickup & Collection

Pickup is available every Saturday between 11:30 & 15:00.


Ice cream orders placed by Saturday 00:01 will be delivered on the following Tuesday. Please see our shipping policy for a list of valid postcodes.

We make high-quality ice cream from scratch

We've gone the extra mile to make incredible ice cream. We use hard-to-get ingredients and continuously explore new flavour pairings, to bring you a decadent treat.