Meet Chef Opy

Chef Opy is the Chief Food Product Technologist and Co-founder at Ice Cream & Ting.

Growing up in Nigeria, Chef Opy knew from the age of six that she wanted to be a chef, and it’s those familiar tastes of her childhood that continue to inspire her today.

She went on to train at the reputable Westminster Kingsway College as a chef. Her hard work and determination payed off, and she was awarded with the "Overall Best International student" award. She now has a Masters degree in Food Business Management from the University of West London.

She has gained valuable kitchen experience and honed her culinary skills by working in the Launceston Place Restaurant, Allbright Female Members Club and the Nutshell Restaurant.

As one of several black chefs featured in the 2020 "Made You Look" Exhibition, Chef Opy's smiling face was showcased above Oxford Circus' Flannel Store.

With the success of the exhibition, Chef Opy was 1 of only 6 chefs invited to host their own menu showcasing African/Caribbean cuisine at the renowned Carousel Restaurant.

Meet Lisimba

Lisimba is the CEO, COO & and Co-Founder of Ice Cream & Ting.

Lisimba is an entrepreneur, creative and foodie. A born and bred Londoner of Jamaican heritage, he previously spent a number of years building his own hospitality business in Ghana, before moving back to the UK. His passion for these three things has led him to create Ice Cream & Ting with Chef Opy.